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As of April 29, 2022 I will be out of the salon on medical leave. I will return to the salon in July.

For appointments check out
Cat's page.

Thank you so much for your
patience + understanding.

With love + gratitude, 

Brittney Garcia

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Beauty starts inside...

Welcome to the best part if your day!

Seed + Soul is a receptionist free salon that offers women the time + space to feel important, relaxed and appreciated for all that she does in life.

Come relax in a zen -inspired space where positivity flows and YOU matter most.

Guests experience is top  priority.

Please enjoy an appointment with me or my co-stylist, Cat and trust us to help you look and feel your very best.

Welcome to Seed + Soul


Payment Methods

Cash, Check, Credit Card

Located  at   

1403 Alexandria Pike Lower Level

Fort Thomas Kentucky 41075

What I do best...


Sara W.

"Brittney is a breath of fresh air. She has a personality that will make you feel like you have been friends forever. She listens to what you love and hate about your hair and asks about your hair goals. Then she works to make it happen! She even takes the time to teach you how to style your hair like she does. This girl does not disappoint and deserves every one of the 5 stars given to her!"



Lyndsey H

Not only is the salon gorgeous and Brittney is amazing at what she does, but her warm welcome and laughter is what really makes her unique from any other business. It doesn't matter if you had the worst day, you will leave her place feeling like the sun is shining on you and you're the most beautiful person in the world with the best hair. I can't say enough good things about Brittney. You need to go experience the salon, her wonderful personality, and her amazing hair skills yourself!

Nicole P

Brittney is fabulous. Her salon is beautiful, warm and welcoming, and she makes you feel special from the moment you get there! I love that I can go in and tell her to do whatever she feels will work best, and she never disappoints. Spending an hour or more with her rejuvenates your soul.

Mirror and Indoor Plants

As a person who hates taking time from her day to get her hair done, Brittney makes it an experience that is enjoyable and fun! You leave feeling like a ROCKSTAR. Not only is your hair in its best condition, so is your soul! She has such a way to make you feel your absolute best. I am sure this goes without saying, but I highly recommend!!

Stephanie R

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